About us

We’re publishing the latest P!nk news, special videos, and other content for you since the beginning of 2019. Since then we became the largest P!nk news site.


Our story in some lines:

We created True P!nk Fan around the 1st of January in 2019. We uploaded DIY acapellas and instrumentals to our YouTube channel. After 11 days we created our Facebook page. We paid for ads to increase the like number of True P!nk Fan, so we got 1,500 likes from ads.
Since then we stopped uploading DIY content, they weren’t worthy. Since then we’re only working from official sources, for example, official acapellas, official multitracks, etc.
We opened our website on the 10th of August in 2019. Originally we planned this website as a multitracks/stems seller service but we changed our minds and we turned it to a P!nk news site. It became the biggest P!nk news site.
We tried to end True P!nk Fan 2 times, we came back every time we ended the project. When we created True P!nk Fan, there were only 2 people in the team, then 1 person left and since our old teammate left, 4 other people joined (sources and some other people who help to keep True P!nk Fan project).
Now here we are. This whole TPF project is bigger than ever and we’ve got more followers than ever. We’re still waiting for some people who’d like to join us, so if you mind, join us.

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