Has P!nk forgotten her 20th anniversary?

This year the American singer P!nk started her music career exactly 20 years ago, but it pretty looks like she forgot to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her career.

This year the singer P!nk released her first single precisely 20 years ago. There were rumors about she is going to release a new You + Me album with Dallas Green this year, but lately, it seemed to be false. When Dallas Green met P!nk in Toronto in 2019, they talked about making a new album.

It is almost the end of 2020, and P!nk has not announced anything special yet. Though, she released a new duet with Keith Urban.

On October 5th, 2019, P!nk ended her high-grossing world tour. Reportedly, the DVD of Beautiful Trauma World Tour was recorded at the Wembley stadium in 2019. There were rumors about the DVD will be released this year, which seemed to be false as well. There are also strong rumors that the DVD is canceled, which might be true because of many facts. Don’t forget about the fact that she recorded “Live In Europe” DVD in 2004, but she released it in 2006. There’s still hope that she’ll release the DVD of Beautiful Trauma Tour unless it is canceled.

And the 3rd rumor of this year was the “Greatest Hits… SO FAR!!” part 2, which includes 1 bonus track that she wrote and recorded in 2016 with Butch Walker.

There is still 1 month left of 2020. She could announce anything this December. Maybe her new duet with Keith Urban was the 20th-anniversary surprise. There is also a chance she has forgotten it’s her 20th anniversary. Maybe she didn’t even intend to celebrate it. December is still coming. Let’s hope she will announce something special as soon as possible.

One thought on “Has P!nk forgotten her 20th anniversary?

  1. I don’t think she’s forgotten I think she’s just been busy with Twowolves wine and she’s basically had to homeschool her children too due to this “pandemic”. Its really rough in California. I live here too. As for records and media and anything like that…..everything in California has been shut down for the most part! Believe me…..I’m sure that if there is anything in the works…..she will definitely let her fans know.

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