Listen to P!nk’s fresh duet with Keith Urban!

2 weeks ago P!nk and Keith Urban announced a new single called “One Too Many”, and it appears on Keith’s new album “The Speed Of Now (pt. 1)”.

We got what we expected. “One Too Many” is a catchy country song. It looks like P!nk really wants to get a country Grammy or something. P!nk’s voice is beautiful in this song. The harmonies are beautiful either. Even tho P!nk didn’t write this song, the lyric is so good. I was truly hoping that P!nk will write at least one line in this song, but she didn’t.

Today they’ll sing the new song “One Too Many”, you can watch it on CBS.

First of all, stream their new duet:

The music video will come tomorrow.

It means they recorded a music video for “One Too Many”. And it’ll get a normal promotion (single P!nk songs never get normal promotion).

Rumors say that P!nk will use the promotion of “One Too Many” to announce something new.

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