New registered P!nk songs, a new album?

At the beginning of 2020, there were rumors about a new release, which later was proven right, because P!nk released her new smash hit duet with Keith Urban. But now there are more than rumors.

There were rumors going around that she was going to release a whole new album in 2020 with Dallas Green, which is not false information, because in 2019 P!nk and Dallas Green talked about making a new duet album. But it wasn’t supposed to be released in 2020, just like her Greatest Hits So Far… SO FAR!!! (pt. 2).

In the last few days, there were 3 unreleased P!nk songs registered. In the last 1 year, we haven’t seen any new titles, but in the last few days, 3 new unreleased P!nk songs got registered.

I WANT WHAT YOU GOT (I GOT WHAT YOU WANT) (Lily Allen, Greg Kurstin, Alecia Moore) – It seems like it’s another song from 2012.

SUGAR (GIMMIE SOME) (Alecia Moore, David J. Schuler) – It’s a song from 2012. It’s a The Truth About Love outtake. All of the 3 titles are TTAL outtakes.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT (Lily Allen, Greg Kurstin, Alecia Moore) – It’s not a real registration. Especially with the ID “0”.
Actually, Entertainment Tonight is a TV show, and as you can see after the title, there’s “BG CUES”, which means background music. Unfortunately, there are actually 2 songs registered, the last one is not a real registration. They’re known as “Cue Sheets”, so whenever you hear a random song in the background, it will be registered under the show’s name.

So actually there is something coming soon around in mid-2021. As we see the new registered titles, a new album is already more than a simple rumor. There is evidence that something is happening in the background.

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