10 things you don’t know about P!nk

Read 10 interesting facts about P!nk like when did she have her first kiss and where, what song did she make for the first on M!ssundaztood, what song did she make for the first on Beautiful Trauma, who complies her setlists on tours, where did she move when she was making her 4th studio album and etc.
You can read here 10 interesting facts about her.

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2020. June 2. | by

TruePinkFan.com just reached 250,000 life-time visitors!

Our website just reached 250,000 life-time visitors, thankfully for those people who shared our articles and thankfully for our SEO. 250,000 is a huge number, and we really thank you. Since 2019, we’re the biggest P!nk news portal, we’ve got thousands of visitors each month, thank you for trusting us and reading our articles! Without…

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2020. April 28. | by

P!nk Discord Server

We opened the first P!nk Discord server ever. Why should you join? Here’s the answer: by joining our P!nk Discord server, you will have access to some exclusive content there that will never be available on the internet. You voted for yes when we asked you for a Discord server, I hope those people who…

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2020. April 14. | by

An article from 2013: P!nk won’t pay

We found a fascinating article from 2013. It was on a Hungarian music blog site. We thought it’d be interesting for you. We had to translate it from Hungarian to English, it wasn’t an easy thing, but here’s that article: They accused P!nk of forgetting those people who helped her to start her career. This…

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2020. April 10. | by

5 + 1 Things You Don’t Know About P!nk

1. P!nk believed that she’s going to die at age 27 P!nk mentions in a few many songs that she’s going to die at age of 27. “This is a reference to the cultural phenomenon The 27 Club, which is celebrating popular musicians who passed away at the age of 27. The majority of the deaths…

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2020. March 22. | by

The truth about Beautiful Trauma DVD

Some days ago we shared a video and we said that’s from the Beautiful Trauma DVD. We’ve already regretted that we shared it because that’s probably not from the DVD. This was our FIRST fail, we’re working from different sources, some of them are lying to make hype, and some of them just simply WRONG…

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2020. February 26. | by

Rumors: New P!nk Album in 2020?

As I remember we already told you there’s a huge chance of a new P!nk album in 2020 autumn. Actually, it won’t be a P!nk album. It’ll rather be a You+Me collaboration again as P!nk did with Dallas Green in 2014. They made an acoustic album called ‘rose ave.’. That was a great acoustic album.…

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2020. January 7. | by