P!NK: Canceled Singles

P!nk has a short but surprising history of canceled singles. We collected every song that almost got released and almost had a music video, but they have been canceled for any reason.

Split Personality

P!nk said that the song Split Personality from her first album was supposed to be released. She wanted to release it because it was her favorite, but the reason for the cancelation is unclear.

18 Wheeler

The 4th release from ‘M!ssundaztood’, ‘Family Portrait’ wasn’t supposed to be released. P!nk said she wanted to release it as the 2nd or 3rd single from the album yet her mother wouldn’t let her. So then when it came to choosing the 4th single, her recording company advised her to release ’18 Wheeler’, however P!nk said she wanted to release ‘Family Portrait’ and did what she wanted.


‘Eventually’ was planned to be released as the final single from Missundaztood in April 2003, but it hasn’t happened. In 2003, P!nk was already working on her third studio album. Later, on the 20th of June in 2003, she released the song ‘Feel Good Time’ from the soundtrack of the movie ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’.

Catch Me While I’m Sleeping

Catch Me While I’m Sleeping was supposed to be released as a single, later the idea of releasing it as a singe was scrapped, but it was released as a promotional single in the United States.

Oh My God

P!nk was thinking about releasing Oh My God as a single, but the record label wasn’t happy. Supposedly it wasn’t released because that song is too sexist.


Back then P!nk really loved her song Unwind. She wanted to release it, but the record label didn’t want it because Unwind is not mainstream enough.

Long Way To Happy

P!nk and her team were thinking about releasing Long Way To Happy as a single, but the idea was scrapped.

Walk Of Shame

Walk Of Shame was actually not canceled, it was released as a single, but its music video was scrapped. The music video of Walk Of Shame was planned to be recorded in a hotel in Las Vegas. P!nk and her team found it too expensive to rent a whole hotel to record a music video, so it was scrapped, but it was released as a single.

Here Comes The Weekend

P!nk planned to release Here Comes The Weekend as the first single of her 6th studio album The Truth About Love.
As she said, she wanted Here Comes The Weekend to be the first single from the album until she wrote Blow Me (One Last Kiss).
She found it better to release Blow Me (One Last Kiss) instead.


P!nk recorded the music video of Revenge in 2017, but she decided not to release it because she didn’t like it. It was full of violence. Around that time, there were many school shootings, and its music video had shooting and murdering scenes. It could have been a scandal if she would have released it.

The music video of Revenge was leaked in 2019, but it went viral in 2020.

You Get My Love

In 2017 she revealed in an interview that You Get My Love is going to be her new single from Beautiful Trauma. The cancelation is unclear, she has never revealed the reason for its cancelation.


When the album Hurts 2B Human came out, some copies had a sticker saying Happy is one of the lead singles. The cancelation is unclear, P!nk has never announced that she’s going to make a music video for it, it was only on the album sticker, which means she was planning to do it. At the same time, she hasn’t announced the cancelation.

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