Rumors: New P!nk Album in 2020?

As I remember we already told you there’s a huge chance of a new P!nk album in 2020 autumn. Actually, it won’t be a P!nk album. It’ll rather be a You+Me collaboration again as P!nk did with Dallas Green in 2014. They made an acoustic album called ‘rose ave.’. That was a great acoustic album. It contains 10 tracks, and there’s a cover between them ‘No Ordinary Love’.

P!nk said in 2019 that she takes back from music for at least 1 year, but it doesn’t matter, because that promise will be expired in 2020 autumn. There are some strong rumors about a new P!nk ft. Dallas Green collaboration and there’s a huge chance they will release a new album in 2020 autumn.

We hope these rumors are true, and P!nk will be back in 2020.

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