Cuteness: P!nk ft. Willow Sage Hart – Cover Me In Sunshine

Cuteness: P!nk announced a new single featuring her daughter called “Cover Me In Sunshine”, which is coming out officially tomorrow. It’s the first time ever P!nk is featuring on a song with her daughter, Willow.About the song, P!nk said: We all know this year has been different, and challenging, and at times terrifying. […] I…

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2021. February 11. | by

New registered P!nk songs, a new album?

At the beginning of 2020, there were rumors about a new release, which later was proven right, because P!nk released her new smash hit duet with Keith Urban. But now there are more than rumors. There were rumors going around that she was going to release a whole new album in 2020 with Dallas Green,…

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2020. December 29. | by

P!NK: Canceled Singles

P!nk has a short but surprising history of canceled singles. We collected every song that almost got released and almost had a music video, but they have been canceled for any reason. Split Personality P!nk said that the song Split Personality from her first album was supposed to be released. She wanted to release it…

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2020. December 28. | by

Almost P!nk Songs

P!nk songs come and go like seasons, many times she writes songs for other artists, and sometimes she writes those songs for herself to release them one day, but she rather gives them to other artists to release them. We collected every song that P!nk passed to other artists. What do you have to know…

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2020. December 21. | by

Naughty or nice? Platinum Christmas replaced P!nk

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, just like the Platinum Christmas album. I am not sure if you all know that many years ago P!nk was about to release a Christmas song, but later she was replaced. November 16th, 2000 the “Platinum Christmas” album was supposed to come out with a 16 long tracklist featuring…

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2020. November 30. | by

Has P!nk forgotten her 20th anniversary?

This year the American singer P!nk started her music career exactly 20 years ago, but it pretty looks like she forgot to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her career. This year the singer P!nk released her first single precisely 20 years ago. There were rumors about she is going to release a new You +…

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2020. November 28. | by

10 things you don’t know about P!nk

Read 10 interesting facts about P!nk like when did she have her first kiss and where, what song did she make for the first on M!ssundaztood, what song did she make for the first on Beautiful Trauma, who complies her setlists on tours, where did she move when she was making her 4th studio album and etc.
You can read here 10 interesting facts about her.

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2020. June 2. | by just reached 250,000 life-time visitors!

Our website just reached 250,000 life-time visitors, thankfully for those people who shared our articles and thankfully for our SEO. 250,000 is a huge number, and we really thank you. Since 2019, we’re the biggest P!nk news portal, we’ve got thousands of visitors each month, thank you for trusting us and reading our articles! Without…

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2020. April 28. | by