The truth about Beautiful Trauma DVD

Some days ago we shared a video and we said that’s from the Beautiful Trauma DVD. We’ve already regretted that we shared it because that’s probably not from the DVD. This was our FIRST fail, we’re working from different sources, some of them are lying to make hype, and some of them just simply WRONG but many of them are right. We’re still a TRUSTED news and blog site and we’ll try to stay true.

So the footage of the Beautiful Trauma DVD that you saw is not from the DVD, that’s from the promotional advertisement.

So if that footage wasn’t from the Beautiful Trauma DVD, then what’s the truth?

Probably there will be a documentary movie and there are some unconfirmed rumors of the documentary movie that will contain the full Wembley show, so it won’t be a simple documentary movie. The release date is unknown currently. Maybe not even in this year because probably P!nk is going to release a new Greatest Hits album and/or a new You+Me album with Dallas Green.

Again: sorry for sharing that video, that’s NOT from the DVD, that’s just a short recording from the promotional video of Beautiful Trauma World Tour.

The video that we shared:

The promo video:

More things about the Beautiful Trauma DVD in this article:

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